Sheilah A. Abadines, a licensed clinical social worker, works with children, adolescents and adults conducting individual, couples and family therapy to enhance clients’ day-to-day functioning. Ms. Abadines believes most of us find ourselves overwhelmed at some time in our life. During those times, it can be helpful to talk to someone who is empathetic, encouraging and understands life’s challenges.  Ms. Abadines is committed to assisting individuals build on their existing strengths to live their best possible life. She uses her clinical skills to empower and improve the emotional well-being of her clients so that they can live happier, healthier and more gratifying lives.

Ms. Abadines provides consultation for co-parenting, care giving and co-dependency challenges. She values the importance of supporting clients and their efforts in striving for an improved quality of life. Ms. Abadines enjoys collaborating with her clients in developing individualized goals. Her therapeutic style and approach is tailored to meet each individual/couple/family’s needs. To accommodate her clients’ needs, she also offers evening and weekend sessions.

Ms. Abadines has worked with individuals with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and concerns. Although her primary professional interests include working with individuals who are afflicted with substance use/addictions, stress management (individuals suffering with acute stress, episodic stress and/or chronic stress) and family dynamic challenges (communication problems, conflict resolution, etc.), her expertise extends to working with individuals with anxiety, depression and adjustment challenges (bereavement, job, medical complications, school, etc.). She has additional knowledge and experience in the treatment of contemporary issues facing adolescents and their families. Ms. Abadines works also with caregivers whose significant others have health-related challenges and/or substance use complications.  In additional to her addictions training and specialty, Ms. Abadines spent a good part of her training working with renal dialysis patients and families whose infant was in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Ms. Abadines her Bachelors and Masters degrees in social work from the University of Central Florida. Her training and experience has focused in general counseling settings, partial hospital programs, inpatient hospital settings and private practice. She earned awards as Team of the Year in 2012 at the New D.A.Y. program and Team of the Year in 2014 at the Re-Creations Program.  In addition to her Masters degree, and licensure in social work, she is certified in Basic Life Support (CPR).