If you are planning a corporate retreat, annual meeting, HR seminar, hospital staff or patient meeting, professional conference and/or general meeting and need some guest speakers,  InPsych Consultants, P.A. offers a variety of workshops by bringing our dynamic and humorous style of public speaking to the community. Our goal is to educate the public and offer a sensitive and nurturing perspective on many of life’s challenges.  Our workshops are geared to building knowledge, understanding and relationships with individuals, families, groups, and organizations within the community.

TOPICS OF INTEREST – Our popular workshops are stress management, communication enhancement, problem solving and conflict resolution skills, parenting skills, helping your child through divorce,  eating disorders, body image,  adjusting to medical conditions, coping with disaster, and clinical assesment – a parent’s guide.  We are happy to consider special topic requests that service the need of your organization.                                                                                                    

PREVENTATIVE CARE – Our speakers offer support and guidance to staff and leaders who may be ill prepared to cope with trauma when it hits and need support in preparation for potential crisis.  

CRISIS INTERVENTION – These workshops are aimed to helping the community when a crisis occurs such as a natural disaster, fire, death, etc.  We are committed to sending our professionals out to help.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – One of the joys in working in a person- centered profession is the ability to mentor other mental health professionals in our community on the business end of psychology which they didn’t teach in grad school. We offer periodic trainings, meetings, and workshops for our fellow colleagues.

If you are a school, business, special organization like the PTA/O, or other organization which would like to inquire or request our workshop services, please contact us at info@InPsychConsultants.com.