Dr. Brian Becraft is a licensed clinical psychologist who incorporates cognitive, behavioral, and psychodynamic principles in a tailored approach to meet clients’ needs. He is passionate about providing skills and insights for clients to achieve treatment goals and obtain a higher quality of life. His clinical interests include assisting young adults in navigating phase-of-life difficulties and helping individuals with anxiety and depression.

Dr. Becraft has instructed master’s- level and doctoral-level psychology students in developing clinical interviewing and in learning to administer and interpret psychological assessment instruments. He has provided clinical supervision of predoctoral practicum trainees in fostering their treatment and assessment skills. Dr. Becraft has worked with the Florida Department of Vocational Rehabilitation conducting assessments for clients and has served as a consultant to Vocational Rehabilitation counselors. He has provided consultation to educators and parents during Individual Education Plan meetings.

Dr. Becraft earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Miami. He obtained his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University in 2015. He completed his Pre-Doctoral Internship with the School-related Psychological Assessments and Clinical Interventions (SPACI) program at NSU, where he focused on psychoeducational evaluations and individual and family treatment with patients. He completed his post-doctoral residency at the Psychology Services Center at NSU, where he further specialized in the evaluation and treatment of adults.